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I came to love travel rather later in life than many people do, but I knew that I had found my true vocation when friends began to beg to accompany me on my trips. There is nothing quite like the joy and excitement of experiencing new places – their sights and sounds, their smells and taste – and meeting new people.  Sharing these adventures and enabling others to make their own discoveries is a privilege more than a profession



Let Breeze Away Take You Away

Cruise ships and More!

The golden opportunity of a private excursion trip to one’s most favorite destination, comes only once in a lifetime! But, the sweet memories and enriching experiences last a lifetime.  Private excursions are one of our most popular trips.

Private Excursions

Group Travel

Breeze Away Travel invites you to experience travel like never before - with a group of your peers. Our tailor-made itineraries will lead you on an unforgettable journey. Our group travel program offers a wide variety of customized experiences to serve your preferences; from university and alumni groups to religious organizations and from family reunions to destination weddings. Let Breeze Away Travel guide your group on a unique vacation.

Theresa Barnes, CEO